Wærøy: Ernstsen will send Lihaug’s head into space!

Posted on 18th Jun 2015

Wærøy: Ernstsen will send Lihaug’s head into space!

With only days to go until the all-Norwegian showdown between Tim-Robin Lihaug (12-1, 7 KOs) and Arne Ernstsen (7-0, 3 KOs), outspoken coach and manager Helge Wærøy has added feul to the fire by claiming Ernstsen will send Lihaug’s head ‘’into space’’ should the Tromsö-boxer land flush.

‘’The last few days of training have gone exactly as planned,’’ reveals Wærøy. ‘’We in Team Stonehand have over 10 years of experience when it comes to preparing for fights in professional boxing; so nothing is left to chance.

‘’I feel very relaxed ahead of this fight and I’m willing to bet that Lihaug’s team are considerably more stressed than we are. Uncertainty is always an unpleasant thing in life, and even more so in professional boxing.’’

‘’Let’s be realistic; Arne is not going up against Carl Froch or Golovkin. This fight is basically an equal battle between two young men who are the same size and a similar age. Although Tim’s coach says he ‘’hits like a truck’’, we know the reality behind this.

‘’I just hope Tim has been training his neck muscles, because he is going to need them once Arne connects and his head takes off into space!’’

The all-Norwegian showdown between Lihaug and Ernstsen is part of an action-packed Nordic Fight Night event at the Ballerup Super Arena on Saturday, June 20. All the action will be shown live on Viasat Sport in Norway. Tickets are available via http://www.billetlugen.dk.

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