Torosyan: Danish fans will root for me after beating Keller

Posted on 11th Sep 2014

Torosyan: Danish fans will root for me after beating Keller

Arman Torosyan (12-0-1, 9 KOs) can’t see himself losing to Torben Keller (10-0-1, 3 KOs) at the Nordic Fight Night on Saturday at TAP1 in Copenhagen.

The two talented and undefeated boxers know each other well from their shared past in Berlin, where they often faced each other as sparring partners.

“I have not knocked him down once but multiple times. I cannot promise that I will do it again as sparring and fighting are completely different. However if the chance arises I will not let him off the hook.”

“I fight for pride and glory and a win over Keller is my chance for bigger and better opportunities,” said the Armenian-born German Torosyan.

“My preparations were excellent. I have never worked as hard as for this fight. I cannot see myself losing versus Keller.”

Arman Torosyan is not an unknown name for the Danish boxing audience. A year ago he ended Reda Zam Zam’s career in Aarhus with a seventh round stoppage victory.

“That was my best performance as a professional boxer and I hope to follow up on it. Denmark feels like a second home for me as I am often there for sparring. I always feel the emotions and the enthusiasm of the Danish fans. I love to fight there.”

“The Danish fans appreciate a good fight even if the winner is not one of their compatriots. I believe that they will root for me after I beat Keller.”

“I know Keller personally and we have a good relationship outside the sport but when we are inside a ring there is no room for friendship. It’s do or die this weekend and I will not die!”

Nordic Fight Night in TAP1 will be shown live on TV3 Sport 2 and TV3 +. Tickets are available via

(Photo Credit: Photo Wende)

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