Tony Jeter Q&A : ''A defeat will chase Nielsen for the rest of his life''

Posted on 13th Feb 2014

Tony Jeter Q&A : ’’A defeat will chase Nielsen for the rest of his life’’

The Maryland boxer Tony Jeter (16-3-1, 11 K0s) is ready to shock the Danes when he faces Patrick Nielsen for the WBC Silver Middleweight World Championship on February 15th at the Albertslund MusikTeatret in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Q: What kind of a boxer are we going to see?

TJ: The Danes will have a determined and charismatic fighter to watch. I´m in phenomenal shape. In PHE-NO-ME-NAL form. So Nielsen better be in good shape too. People will be shocked to see that I have an engine that can go on and on and on ...

Q: You’ve had some breaks in your career with years with out boxing. Why was that?

TJ: I lost a few fights and have not really had any promoter or money backing me. Plus I became a father and had some other things happen in my life. It's meant I have matured late as a boxer which has its advantages. I am 38 years old, but I have no injuries, I speak clearly and articulate. And I'm hungry!

Q: How big is this fight for you?

TJ: The chances of big fights decrease with age. This battle was the opportunity I was looking for. I'd rather fight in the States, because I will almost need to hit his eye out for the win in Denmark. But boxing is a brutal sport. You are always just a punch away from victory.

Q: What's your opinion on Nielsen?

TJ: I think he looks great with his ​​blonde hair and all the tattoos. He looks like a badass, a superstar. I love that he is a local hero. He is a tall boxer with a good left hand. He is younger than me and maybe faster. But I'm more mature than him, I've tried more in life ... and I’m probably more aware of how big this opportunity is.

Q: Who will be victorious?

TJ: For me it's about taking one round at a time. It's going to be all about will against will, and the one who is able to impose their will the most will win. I’m not going to lie down. I'm in a cool situation because Nielsen is the favourite and everyone expects him to win. I love being the underdog. The pressure is all on him and if he loses, the defeat will be chasing him the rest of his life.

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