Q&A Torben Keller: “Carruthers has never met a guy like me”

Posted on 8th Apr 2013

Q&A Torben Keller: “Carruthers has never met a guy like me”

Torben Keller (6-0-1, 2 KOs) takes on Terry Carruthers (13-14-6, 1 KO) at the Nordic Fight Night in Frederikshavn on Saturday. Here is what he had to say prior to his eighth fight as a pro.

Q: How has your training been going?
A: “My training has been going very well. I have had some great sparring and done some good rounds. I feel much stronger both physically and technically than I have for my previous fights. Now I am ready to put my training into action.”

Q: Having previously been based in Berlin, you are now back home living and training in Aalborg. Are you glad to be back in Denmark?
A: “I enjoyed my time in Berlin but of course it is great to be back home in Denmark. I have been training with Jens Heuckendorff who was my coach as an amateur on the Danish national team. Jens knows me well, he knows all of my strengths and weaknesses, and we work well together.”

Q: This will be your third fight at the Arena Nord in Frederikshavn. Are you looking forward to returning there to fight?
A: “Yes of course. I am from Aalborg so the Arena Nord is my home turf. It is great to be fighting in my own backyard. I hope to see a lot of people there cheering me on.”

Q: Does fighting so close to home give you an extra edge or determination to win?
A: “No matter where I am fighting, I am always very determined. Obviously it’s great to be fighting in front of all my family and friends but I do not think it gives me an extra edge, as I am always one hundred percent focused on winning.”

Q: In your last fight, you won with a spectacular first-round knockout. Can we expect more of the same in Frederikshavn?
A: “I will not go out there looking for a knockout. But if it comes, it comes.”

Q: Finally, what do think of your opponent Terry Carruthers?
A: “Carruthers is an experienced guy. He has met many good boxers in the ring but he has never met a guy like me. I am expecting a tough fight but I am confident that I will win.”

Tickets for the NFN in Frederikshavn are available at http://www.arenanord.dk.

(Picture Credit: Photo Wende)

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