Q&A Mia St. John

Posted on 5th Apr 2013 - Frederikshavn

Q&A Mia St. John

Former world champion & playboy model Mia St. John shares her thoughts about the upcoming fight against Cecilia Braekhus, her fame and the trip to Denmark

***Q&A Mia St. John: “I´m a smarter fighter than Braekhus”***

Q: Mia, you are presumed to be the most photographed female boxer of all time. What is that like?
A: “It´s funny, I was just asked the same question at the Brandon Rios fight in Las Vegas last weekend. I never get tired of it. I think it´s great because it has helped me to do a lot of good things, like starting charity projects outside the ring and working with children. It has helped me to meet a lot of wonderful people and do a lot of good things, so I think it´s great.”

Q: What do you think about Cecilia Braekhus?
A: “I think she is beautiful and a great fighter. I think that right now pound-for-pound she is the best fighter in the world. I am excited to go to her territory and fight her, I know what I am up against. Anything can happen in boxing. And upsets happen all the time.”

Q: You seem to be very respectful of her…
A: “Yes, she has been very respectful of me, too. Outside the ring, there is no reason why we should not treat each other with respect. But in the ring, it´s a different story. It´s the nature of the game, when you get into the ring, it´s a sport and things will get rough.”

Q: Why will you win this fight?
A: “I am more experienced than her. This is my 16th year as a pro. I am a smarter fighter, I fight very smart and very strategically. I´m not saying by any means that it is going to be easy, it will probably be the most difficult fight of my career, but I don´t mind, I love a challenge.”

Q: There has been a lot of talk about a potential fight between Braekhus and Holly Holm. What do you make of that?
A: “Well, I hope Cecilia is already thinking about Holly and looking past me. I´ve made that mistake before when I focused on my upcoming fights and not the challenge right in front of me. It made me lose… so I´m hoping Cecilia makes the same mistake.”

Q: Have you been to Denmark before?
A: “I have been to Europe a lot, but I have never travelled to Denmark or Norway. I really look forward to coming to Frederikshavn. I hear it´s a nice fishing village. I am bringing my own TV team. They are working on a documentary about my life, so hopefully we will get some great scenic shots.”

Q: Cecilia has called for a “ring boy” instead of ring girls. What do you think about that?
A: “I think that is a great idea. However, when I´m in the ring, I am so focused that I would not notice anything around me. No crowd, no ring girls, nothing. You could put an orang-outang next to the ring and I would not notice. But having a ring boy certainly is a great idea.”

Tickets for the NFN in Frederikshavn are available at http://www.arenanord.dk.

(Picture: Randy Martinez)

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