Nisse Sauerland responds to Mogens Palle offer

Posted on 15th Feb 2016

Nisse Sauerland responds to Mogens Palle offer

Nisse Sauerland’s open letter to Mogens Palle - responding to Palle’s public offer for Patrick Nielsen to fight Danish veteran Lolenga Mock.

Dear Mogens,

Great to hear from you.

Like I have said before, this fight only makes sense to Lolenga and yourself. Lolenga has not beaten anyone of note in years and almost lost his last fight against a no name.

You have now decided to put him in another easy fight, let us hope he rises up to this challenge with a little more conviction than the last fight.

To keep it simple, Lolenga needs to beat someone of note or at least a World ranked opponent and then perhaps we can have the conversation.

That being said, we really enjoy doing business with you so how about Lolenga fights against Oscar Ahlin? We would cover Oscar’s costs. So you have an opponent for free.

Surely if he wins against someone ranked a bit higher and with more of a name we can actually convince the boxing public that Patrick vs. Lolenga is a worthwhile fight. Right now, no one believes in this fight.

Good to have you back in boxing.

Best Regards,

Nisse Sauerland

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